Welcome to the homepage of the ISUR european project

Intelligent SUrgical Robotics (ISUR) develops general methods for cognitive surgical robots capable of combining sensing, dexterity and cognitive capabilities to carry out autonomously simple surgical actions, such as puncturing, cutting and suturing.


Specifically, the I-SUR project will develop the following innovative technologies:

  • New methods for representing the medical knowledge relevant to soft organ surgery,
  • New methods for the interactive planning of surgery in deformable environments,
  • New designs of dexterous, sensorized instruments for robotic surgery,
  • New methods for intervention execution and monitoring,
  • New methods for real time data processing and medical situation awareness,
  • New communication methods between the robotic instrument and the operating surgeon.

The project is funded by the EU within the 7th Framework Programme (Grant Agreement no. 270396).

Project start: March 2011

Project end: August 2014